Tour description

If you are true nature lover or just looking to relax and enjoy beautiful sceneries this is the tour for you.




Prokoško Lake is “nested” at 1636 a.s.l, on Vranica mountin.

Glacial eye shaped lake, amazing nature, traditional wooden houses – katuni, homemade food and great local hospitality will make you enjoy every second of this day tour. Road to the lake from the city Fojnica is adventure part of this trip, since you will have ride though macadam roods and the forest with plentiful of small creeks.

In order to enjoy the fuwl day we will leave from Sarajevo at 08:30AM from your location. First we will arrive to Fojnica city and then a four wheel drive car will take us further to the moutain. This is a special experience in four wheel drive up and down the mountain.

In the village you will see a traditional way of living and have chance to engage with local people. You can also order traditional local food, drinks, buy honey or organic tea.

It will be an unforgetable day.

Please provide your location and contact number by contacting us on +38761738900 (Whatsapp or phone call).


Unavailable for requested date: 16-05-2019

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    Tarik Mesic
    Really beautiful experience. Lake on the top of the mountain, without traffic. Real nature. What's special about this place is that there is no electricity. Mostly farmers reside here and so they use old school methods of energy - a clay oven for cooking, lanterns/candle for light and wood for fire. Breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air; walk around the lake taking in the beauty and just disconnect from the world for the ultimate experience! An unforgettable day.