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We are currenly looking for candidates for the following jobs

Product Designer

Preparation and processing of tourism products in a broad sense, is an important component of the activities of all tour operators. The key point of the tourism product is the formulation of project specifications. New product development process begins by generating ideas, sorting and determining product design. After clarification followed by selection of natural and anthropogenic attractions choice of destinations and itinerary product development. This, together with a timetable and price optimization determines customer demand for products that can best meet their current needs and wishes. It is also vital experiential optimization products. It should be emphasized that the experience is clearly a subjective concept. We are constantly growing and increasingly differentiated requirements of existing and potential customers necessitate intensive development of various forms of tourism and respect for clients' individual requirements. Product design can be

  • Proactive (following the market plan and company strategy)
  • Reactive (based on customer direct demand and request)

Once product with the price tag is ready the marketing and sales process is following. Dependent of the customer target group and segment different distribution channels are used:

  • B2C (selling directly to the customer)
  • B2B (selling to our business partners)

Product Designer job is very creative, interesting, diverse and challenging.

Tour Operator

After a tourist product is sold there is operational process following. A Tour Operator is responsible for:

  • making reservatoins of all resourses required to deliver the product
  • combining travel, accommodation and services such as sightseeing arrangements to deliver high quality product
  • visiting hotels and accomodation to ascertain accommodation quality and suitability
  • communicating with transport operators, airlines, hoteliers and resort agreeing service levels, contracts and costs
  • confirming customer names with airlines/hotels collecting
  • evaluating and responding (as appropriate) to customer feedback collecting
  • negotiation and providing pricing information handling bookings
  • invoicing and issuing of tickets predicting profits or number of bookings
  • finalizing the financial process related to the product delivery

Product Designer job is very dynamic, interesting, diverse and challenging.

Tour Leader

Tour guides show groups round attractions such as historic monuments, cultural centres and beauty spots, and provide them with background information to help them make the most of their visit. They may work with day-trippers or on walking tours, or support tourists on longer visits that involve overnight stays, perhaps to rural or remote locations. Tour guide jobs sometimes also call for chauffeuring and language skills. Typical responsibilities include:

  • undertaking research and planning tours
  • preparing and giving presentations
  • offering sightseeing advice
  • organising and leading excursions
  • on-site problem solving
  • translating and interpreting
  • transporting and accompanying tourists

Tour Leader sometimes work on a seasonal basis and combine this job with another work, but there are full-time roles available, esspecially for those who likes to combine this role with Tour Operator and Product Designer roles.

If you are intersted in any of the above positions please send us your motivation letter and CV on info@bosnianguide.com